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Dental Implant

An accident can happen quickly:
…you overlook a root during mountain biking;
…a rock is in the way during rollerblading;
…you fall and break a tooth.
I had an accident playing ice hockey. I wasn‘t watching out for a second and caught a stick in my face, knocking out my tooth. I was told that there were many causes for the loss of individual teeth:
• Sports injuries
• Traffic accidents
• Accidents within the household
• Work accidents
• School accidents


As a successful entrepreneur I take care of myself, my health and my appearance. This includes nice teeth. As well as brushing them I use dental floss and have them regularly cleaned at the dentist.
This is why I was quite shocked when the dentist told me after my accident that he had to remove the root and that I would be left with a gap – courage to show a gap?
Whether one loses one or several teeth, a smile with a gap just isn‘t that nice.

IF you are in any situations listed above, keep in mind that there is a solution for YOU! bredent dental implants are the right choice when considering having a dental implant inserted. 

bredent dental implant – made in Germany – 500 €


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