Choosing your dental travel partner

Choosing your dental travel partner

Our mission is to guarantee high-quality dental care at the best price. You can benefit from this by traveling to Bucharest and regain your smile with our help. But how to find the best dental clinic and organize a dental stay? Our Dental Trip consultants will answer all of your questions !

We can take care of everything for you! Just ask us.

The Dental Trip team will advise and accompany you throughout the organization of your dental stay, in order for you to combine your dental care with a boundry-breaking and relaxing trip. We offer you a free, complete and personalized care.

  1. Advising and personalized follow-up
  2. Putting you in contact with the clinic and the surgeon
  3. Preparation of your personalized quote
  4. Organization of your stay
  5. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel
  6. Finding you the moest affordable prices in the Romanian market

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request. Our consultants are available and will provide you with all the necessary information concerning your treatment schedule and organization of your dental trip in Romania.

Dental tourism in ROMANIA

English patients are more and more attracted by the dental tourism idea which offers prices lower than in western countries, high quality dental care and a large choice of tourist destinations. It is also known as a dental trip or dental tourism. Romania has a great reputation thanks to professionalism of their dentists.

Take full advantage of dental tourism in ROMANIA !

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