Dental crowns and bridges in Romania

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Dental crowns in Romania
represent an affordable and effective solution for damaged teeth. A dental crown is applied on your damaged tooth, previously being prepared by our doctors and after a root canal treatment. The crown, together with a quality root canal treatment will help to protect the broken tooth in order to avoid later extraction. Crowns will improve appearance, prevent further teeth decay, chipping or cracking.

Our dentists will create custom made crowns for each damaged tooth, matching in size, shape and color to the surrounding teeth.
This way, you will regain your smile and confidence again.

Time required for a dental crown procedure

We don’t want to sacrifice quality of treatments provided in order to save time.
Usually, a seven days dental trip will be enough.

Several facts can influence the duration of the treatment. Gum surgery, extractions, root canal treatments, number of damaged teeth.
Our dentists will do their best and will work around the clock 7 days a week, in order to complete the cure in the shortest time possible, without compromising quality.

Types of crowns

  • Ceramic fused to zirconia crowns – one of the best choices when it comes to crowns. Zirconia is a white, translucent material, perfectly bio compatible and it will look natural. No one will figure out that you have crowns! Zirconia is being prepared using latest CAD-CAM technology. Zirconia is recommended in all cases, including bridges and dental implants.
  • Ceramic fused to metal crowns – the most popular and cost-effective crowns, with a natural look and feel. We can use standard alloy or precious metal (gold).


A bridge is a dental device which acts as a replacement for damaged or missing teeth. It hides the gaps caused by missing teeth and improves appearance.

Advantages of bridges

  • Prevents migration of the teeth in the direction of the gap
  • Prevents tooth decay and gum disease caused by the presence of food in gaps between the teeth
  • Reduces the risk of bone resorption
  • Ensures a smooth, clean jaw line and improved facial appearance

Types of bridges

  • Zirconia bridges – most appealing and natural looking bridge of all, bio compatible, resistant to forces, causes less tooth sensitivity and with no sign of the dreaded grey line around the edge of the gums. It is highly recommended with dental implants.
  • Ceramic fused to metal bridges – a strong and resistant bridge, with a convenient price, good looks and comfort.







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