Dental tourism can save you a MONEY

Dental tourism can save you a MONEY

We know it is important to take care of our oral health, but in the same time we are also familiar with the costs involved keeping a good oral health in the developed countries.

For people who want to save on dental treatments and willing to jump on a plane, visiting a dental specialist in a Romania could save them over 50 percent on dental procedures such as dental implants, same day dentures, crowns and root canals.

While dental treatments in Romania may be cheaper, there are a number of things you want to consider before traveling in Romania or internationally for dental care treatments.

No dentist – in any country – is perfect, but it is important to remember that there are good dentists everywhere. Dental Trip is here to help you connect with the best dentists in Romania.

It’s legitimate to ask yourselves the following questions:

  1. IF something goes wrong with me, what is the procedure?
  2. Is there a ministry of health?

We understand if you are worried about visiting a dentist in another country. That is why we only work with dental clinics that have been in this industry for at least 5 years and with doctors that have a proven record of their trainings and competencies.

Finding the Right Dentist in Romania

Like most of our patients, you can begin your search online. For most destinations, a quick “Google search” will bring up a number of dentistry sites, dental travel agencies and dental tourism search engines.

There are also a number of patients who come to us through recommendations from locals they know and trust and we are able to find an excellent dentist for even less than the dental tourism web sites advertised on Google. In Romania, we can help you find dentists who charges almost 20 % less than the already low rates advertised on other dental tourism sites.

Know the Procedures involved

Before flying to Romania, try to have a basic idea of what is involved in dental procedures, such as crowns, dental implants, and root canals. We want you to make an educated decision regarding your treatment options.

It’s also important to know what materials are being used especially dental implants manufacturers.

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