You can find bellow a couple of definitions for terms related to dental implant and tooth restoration:

Abutment – a connector built into or placed on the top of a dental implant and on which the replacement tooth will be placed.

Arch – we have two arches: top teeth-maxillary dental arch- and bottom teeth – mandibular dental arch. A dental arch means the soft tissue and bone shaped like an arc to support your teeth.

Bridge – multiple replacement teeth that are fixed in place with the help of an attachment to dental implants, natural adjacent teeth, or a combination of the two. They manage to bridge the gap crated by the missing teeth.

Crown – the part of your restored tooth placed on the implant. Crowns shaped like a tooth are called caps are placed on the tooth in order to restore their natural appearance and strength.

Dental Implant – usually made of titanium, a dental implant is cylindrical post that serves as a substitute for the tooth root and provides a strong and sturdy foundation for a replacement.

Dentures – dentures are various appliances that helps replacing missing teeth. Some of them are designed to be removed daily while others can only be removed by your dentist.

Osseointegration – dental implants placed in the bone as substitute for tooth roots from a stable foundation for replacement need to be fused to or integrated with your jaw bone. The whole process usually take about 6 months.

Periodontal – what happens around the tooth.

Resorbed– to deteriorate or dissolve.

Restoration – the process of partially or fully reconstructing a body part.


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