How do dental crowns work?

How do dental crowns work?

A crown is placed over the damaged tooth in order to completely cover it. In addition, crowns improve alignment, appearance and overall shape. Crowns can be placed over a dental implant and can be matched to the color of your natural teeth. In the process of crown construction gold and metal can be used but also acrylic and ceramic materials.

A crown is highly recommended when:

  1. we need to protect a weakened tooth;
  2. we want to restore a fractured tooth;
  3. we need to replace a large filling;
  4. we need to attach a bridge;
  5. we want to cover a dental implant;
  6. we want to cover a misshapen or discolored tooth;
  7. we need to cove a tooth after a root canal treatment.
Porcelain veneers are comprised of thin porcelain material and they are used to imitate the natural look of the teeth providing the strength and resilience of a natural tooth. Porcelain materials are the most used material for choice.

Dental veneers are used for:                           

  1. we want to cover a chipped or broken tooth;
  2. we want to cover a misaligned teeth or teeth that are misshapen or uneven;
  3. we want to cover teeth that have gaps between;
  4. we want to cover a discolored teeth.

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