Is dental implant the solution for a lost tooth?

Is dental implant the solution for a lost tooth?

Lost a tooth – what now?

Courage to show a gap is out of the question for me. Especially since my dentist explained what can happen: teeth provide each other with stability and impulses. – Donatella – Italy

If one is missing the adjacent teeth lose their support and slowly fall over. Simultaneously the opposite tooth grows at the other jaw as it has lost its important chewing impulse and its resistance. The overall balance of power within the mouth is lost.

Sure – doing nothing would be the cheapest way!

But is it also the healthiest? My dentist explained the alternatives. The options are a conventional bridge, a bracket prosthesis or an implant.

In the case of dental implants an artificial root is positioned initially. It later carries the post and the crown. A small hole is drilled into the jawbone and the implant is screwed in place. Due to the rough surface of the implant it fuses with the bone within a few weeks. Through the implant the bone continues to receive its functional impulses and lasts longer.

That sounds a lot better than teeth withering under a bridge. That is why I decided t0 go for an implant.

In my case the implant was fixed firmly enough into the bone allowing me to wear a temporary plastic crown immediately. This had the advantage that the gums were able to orient itself on the crown during the healing and formed naturally.

How much does an implant treatment cost?

The single implant was quite affordable. My dentist explained to me the various options and the related costs. I was able to express requests regarding the material and the treatment.

Is an implant treatment painful?

I experienced no problems, as no further extensive operations were necessary due to the new surgical technology. As recommended by the surgeon I cooled my mouth area after the operation. All in all I can say that the pain after the operation was less

than after the removal of my wisdom teeth.

Can there be rejection reactions?

My dentist explained that the tooth implants are made from high quality titanium in an elaborate process under utmost precision, packaged under clean room conditions and subsequently sterilized. It is a method tried and proven a million times.

How can an implant get lost?

My dentist explained to me that an implant can be lost through an infection or breaking of the prosthetic crown. Infections are best prevented by thorough cleaning at home and regular prophylaxis at the dental practice. When I chew and during cleaning I make sure that the prosthetic crown sits tight and that nothing wobbles. If I notice that something is not quite right I visit my dentist immediately so he can check the work.

What happens if an implant is lost?

It is similar to pulling a natural tooth. A new implant can generally be placed into the same spot within six weeks. In such a case the manufacturer of my implants even offers a new implant free of charge.

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